We're back with the spring edition of the 5 under $50 challenge! We won't lie... we learned a thing or two after the last challenge, which hopefully helps you score some deals!

Links to Products

H&M Sneakers(Similar) - http://bit.ly/MTSneakers

Striped Pants - http://bit.ly/MTDenimStripes

NYC Shirt - N/A

Forever 21 Pink heels (Similar) - http://bit.ly/MTStrappyHeel

Wander with Love T-Shirt - http://bit.ly/MTWanderWithLove

Polka Dot Pants - http://bit.ly/MTPolkaDotPants

Wrap Dress (Similar) - http://bit.ly/MTWrapDress

Bodysuit - http://bit.ly/MTBodysuit

Striped pants - http://bit.ly/MTStripedPants

Black Shorts - http://bit.ly/MTBlackShorts

Flannel Shirt - http://bit.ly/MTFlannelShirt

Blush Jumpsuit (Similar) - http://bit.ly/MTFlannel

Striped Jumpsuit - http://bit.ly/MTStripedJumpsuit




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