Christmas is so close! Who still needs to buy gifts but has NO idea what to give?! Well, we are always inspired by gift guides, so we thought we would make our own to help you shop for the special ones in your life.

As best friends, we’re always looking for the perfect gift for each other! The first gift guide? For your bestie! Check it out and happy shopping!

Stay tuned for more guides in the weeks to come!



1. Sultry Eyeshadow Pallet

2. Fabletics Leggings

3. Fabletics 2-Piece Outfit

4. Abercrombie Ellwood Perfume

5. Scrawl Party Game

6. Mini Waffle Maker

7. Sonoma Plush Robe

8. Self-Tanning Kit

9. Heart Talk Book

10. Fuzzy Socks



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