Maddie & Tae are set to perform their “flirty” (Billboard), “confessional” (Rolling Stone) lead single “Friends Don’t,” live on the TODAY show this Monday, Oct. 22. The first taste of the duo's highly-anticipated sophomore release, on Mercury Nashville, the “uptempo almost love song” (Tennessean) is climbing the Country radio charts. 
Maddie & Tae are sharing even more new music with fans, exclusively unveiling the candidly heart-rending track “Die From A Broken Heart” with Huffington Post. View HERE. Now available everywhere, “Die From A Broken Heart” invites fans to eavesdrop on an honest conversation as a heartbroken daughter seeks wisdom from her mother. Listen HERE.
“We created a concept record that follows the ups and downs of a relationship,” Maddie & Tae shared. "You’ve heard the in love phase with Friends Don’t and now you hear the heartbreak in 'Die From a Broken Heart.' This song definitely hits home for us, and we hope our fans relate to it as well.”     
Check it out now!



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