Maddie & Tae unveiled their EP 'Everywhere I’m Goin’' today. Serving as Part Two of their three-part full-length album, the project was entirely co-written by Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye and is produced by Jimmy Robbins and Derek Wells. Drawing from autobiographical influences and showcasing a “more sophisticated side” (Associated Press) as the duo “continues to impress” (Minneapolis Star Tribune), the collection is led by “Bathroom Floor,” which the New York Times’ Popcast heralds as “strong,” while the EP also features a collaboration with former tourmate and superstar Dierks Bentley. Listen to Everywhere I’m Goin' in its entirety HERE.




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krlough's picture

It's been very disappointing that the only new music

y'all have released has been as downloads instead of actual cd's.

Not everyone lives solely online. Then there was the promise of a

full album release this last summer, but again nothing. What's

the deal? Are y'all limiting yourselves to just certain fans now?

I'm getting tired of waiting for what never comes. I love your

music, so I really want more.